Who We Help

We help companies who want assistance with entering a new local market, new market segment, or a new market in another country.

If you are keen to explore growth opportunities in a new market or country, it can be an exciting prospect if you know where to start. It can also present unexpected challenges.

Overcoming Obstacles

Some companies that have unsuccessfully tried to develop into new markets admit it was more daunting and expensive than they imagined.

If you are thinking of entering a different country, potential buyers from local companies at overseas trade fairs are often supportive and will be eager to meet you. This can often lead to successful relationships. Progress can be slower than expected though, and success is not assured.

Adapting to a New Market

Entering a new market, especially in another country, can be challenging. It takes patience and above all a willingness to change. You will need to make some changes to localize your product(s) for new markets. And it can be frustrating to find a solution to overcome what are often unseen obstacles.

Finding Help

Working with the right support network will save you time, money and frustration.  You can ease the process by working with the right specialists. Their skills, experience, and contacts in that market will be important to you.

But finding suitable and trustworthy professionals in specialist areas to help can be a problem. Sadly it is not uncommon at this stage for companies to drop their expansion plans. The frustration can be intolerable, and the existing business can suffer.

Global Business Development Program™

Global Business Development Groups™ can offer you a unique program of support to help you maximize the opportunities and overcome the obstacles in entering a new market.  With a group of specialists to call on when you need them, they are focused on actively securing interest from buyers, implementing solutions to problems, and moving you towards a lucrative sales contract.

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