About Us

When we deploy business development specialists to work with a client, they form into groups – Global Business Development Groups™  – to support clients.

Each group set up for a client consists of senior business people with significant experience. Their focus is to help clients by working with them to achieve results.

Like a breath of fresh air, each business professional thrives on practical implementation. All have spent years ensuring clients get what they want and need.

These talented professionals collaborate within the Accredited Business Advisors Group. Established in 2010 this comprises over a thousand of them who:

  • Have typically spent many years in senior management of large companies
  • Are progressive and experienced senior business professionals
  • Are experienced in many different industries and business disciplines
  • Have significant expertise
  • Have been trained and are experienced in helping small and medium sized companies
  • Are based in countries around the world

This is an extensive group of impressive professionals who know how to achieve results through practical implementation.


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